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La piscina di vetro che sfida la forza di gravità esiste e si trova sulle Dolomiti

La piscina di vetro che sfida la forza di gravità esiste e si trova sulle Dolomiti


A hotel for alpine skiers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in the Italian province of South Tyrol has created a swimming pool with a glass panel at the bottom. The impressive feat of engineering cantilevers the 25m pool out over the landscape, taking advantage of the incredible views the hotel’s hillside location claims over the Dolomites, a part of the Alps mountain range, below. Architectural design firm NOA created the dizzying leisure element for the Hotel Hubertus which is located at the foot of the Kronplatz mountain.

The elevated pool is the latest addition to the renovated holiday resort, and projects 17m from the face of the hotel and is supported by trunks of native larch trees. The addition acknowledges the interface between the old and new constructions, forming part of an extension by the local architectural firm which includes a new wing of 16 new suites and modern facilities. The infinity pool straddles the old and new accommodation wings and gives bathers breathtaking views from all angles out over the Italian countryside. The pool measures 5m x 25m and is clad externally in dark grey stone panels, reflecting the local palette of the surrounding area.

Lukas Rungger, one of the architects said about the project “For the design of the pool we were driven by the aim to blur the physical limits to create an element, which is interweaving with the landscape, mirroring the clouds and framing panoramic views. The position of the pool, which floats 12 metres above the ground, at its extreme edge, gives the swimmer the feeling of floating – weightlessly between heaven and earth. This impression is further reinforced by the glass front and a glazed window on the bottom of the pool.”