Your personal guide with an immersive approach

A team of art historians unveil ancient monuments and masterpieces of Italy with a special perspective and keys to open secret doors

Filippo and Daniela Cosmelli, founders of IF Experieces.

IF you seek the unexpected, IF you look for wonder, IF you love to deeply understand monuments of the past and the present, in Italy you definitely need to find a good guide, which is not at all self-evident. Since its foundation in 2006, IF has curated unique art experiences, celebrations and retreats, each specifically designed for a network of culturally driven clients from all over the world.

An IF Experience is highly immersive thanks to expert story-tellers trained to inspire even the most discerning guests, unlocking a world of secret art treasures, striking encounters, and lasting emotions.

The team has a portfolio of experience in Rome and Milan that allow one to admire, even in complete solitude, masterpieces of Italian art such as The Last Supperby Leonardo da Vinci, the genius who died 500 years ago. Accompanied by a professional art historian, guests will have the unique opportunity to view this moving painting, preciously shielded in the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and profoundly comprehend the reasons why Milan attracted and inspired the Tuscan artist.

Filippo and Daniela Cosmelli, founders of the company, will make you discover how Ancient Romans used thermal baths of Diocleziano were used, focusing on architectural structures, and lifestyle, then help you to imagine how it actually was to wear virtual glasses. They can organize a night at the Vatican Museums and a Private visit to Caravaggio’s unique paintings, as well as a lunch on a private terrace (with 360° view) and a day “as the Romans do it”.

Their collection of experiences crosses centuries – Roman Empire, Renaissance- Baroque, Romanticism – up to contemporary artists’ studios and foundations, as well as the role of these venues in both maintaining and advancing Rome and Milan as international cultural centers.

Caption: Filippo and Daniela Cosmelli, founders of IF Experieces.

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