Villa Eden: a Covid Safe Hotel

Located in Merano, Villa Eden opens its doors and welcomes its guests in the first Covid Safe Hotel in Europe.

Villa Eden Merano

Villa Eden, situated in Merano, announced its reopening on March 18th in the hope to kick-start tourism (safely). The Leading Park Retreat is the first Covid Safe hotel in Europe; It had already introduced a special protocol in May 2020, allowing the access only to guests with a negative PCR test – to re-do in the hotel’s medical centre upon arrival as well.

Unfortunately, despite the safe measures the Hotel had to close again – but only until two days ago – where it has finally reopened its doors and has begun to welcome guests in a safe, ‘virus-free’ atmosphere.

The Staff is constantly monitored and takes a PCR test on a weekly basis – as well as the guests who, as in May, can only enter the facility with a negative test.

Cuisine at Villa Eden Merano

Following the post-pandemic, a wellness escape into a peaceful oasis is exactly what many of us could need right now. It’s a slow re-integration of life, balancing health and wellbeing, restoring our body through nutritious food and reconnecting our mind, body and soul.

It’s time for us to take care of ourselves again, safely.

Villa Eden Merano