Summer checklist: (Michelin) starred dinners on a yacht.

Upon request, Bottura prepares dinner exclusively for the guests of Satori, the sailing ship of Borgo Santo Pietro

Satori. Ph. Credits: Stuart Pearce

“Until a year ago, my wife Jeanette and I traveled the world barely carving out the time to eat in Michelin restaurants. It was our way of taking a break from hectic travel plans, ”explains Claus Thottrup, owner of Borgo Santo Pietro and the sailing ship Satori. “The time has come to slow down and live the experiences to the full, and with this logic we proposed to Massimo Bottura to join us on board”.

The Borgo Santo Pietro philosophy is about embracing life among nature and since its launch, Satori sailing yacht has represented the ultimate holiday for those who want to disconnect, travel across open waters, and fulfil their sailing dreams through a luxury lifestyle experience.

Since this summer, upon request, it is possible to prebook a dining experience with renowned three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura for a true celebration of slow living.⁠

Satori. Ph. Credits: Stuart Pearce

Satori is the paradigm for this new approach to travel that provides a natural and isolated environment as only the sea can be. The sense of remoteness allows you to focus on what is happening there at that moment and not on the next port. You travel following the rhythm of the wind, and the space inside the boat is generous, both outdoors and indoors where the ceilings are higher than usual.

Satori. Ph. Credits: Stuart Pearce

For Claus and Jeanette, good food is crucial in the experience at the Borgo, to be together, to exchange ideas, to relax with a comforting or exciting dish. The cuisine on board ranges from simple Mediterranean dishes to fine dining with the table set with porcelain, crystal and candlesticks in front of the open kitchen, where the chef of the Michelin starred restaurant Meo Modo alternates with, until October 2022, Bottura. “I only participate in a project when I find it extraordinary,” explains the chef.

Chef Bottura will craft a 7-course tasting menu and entertain guests with anecdotes of his storied career. “Over the past 12 months we have all understood the importance of spending quality time with friends and family. This fine dining experience on board Satori takes this philosophy to another level with a dream of holiday– luxury hospitality, a memorable culinary journey and remote destinations in contact with nature, ” he adds.