Masseria San Michele: experiencing history

Repurposing history: Located in the heart of the apulian countryside in the Valle D’Itria is Masseria San Michele, a reconstructed townhouse dating back to the eighteenth century

Room Masseria San Michele

This accommodation is an intimate oasis with only 6 rooms, a large communal living room and an even larger outdoor area with a swimming pool. The history is narrated through the decor as if it were a piece of literature: the flooring has maintained the traditional apulian stones “chianche pugliesi”, the structure of the rooms mirror the horse stables dating back to the 1700s and the majority of the furniture has been carefully selected from antique stores in the neighbouring areas. An experience that will transport you back in time and narrate the story of the apulian land is tasting the local wines from the wine cellar, housed under a barrel vault. Another way to relive the local heritage is by booking the enogastronomic tour, a tour that takes you to visit numerous neighbouring masserie tasting the delicacies typical of Puglia. All in all, by visiting Masseria San Michele you will dive deep into the history of this southern, Italian region.