Langosteria Restaurant opens in Paris

The group of Enrico Buonocore expands beyond the Italian boarders: finding it’s place in the Cheval Blanc, LVMH’s new hotel in La Samaritaine


Langosteria is one of the best fish restaurants in Milan that opened up in 2007; but since then it expanded, and in 2012 it opened a bistrot followed by a Cafè in 2016. In 2017 it found a home in Paraggi, moments away from Portofino, situated along the Ligurian Riviera.

The restaurant is a vision. It’s a contemporary, refined combination of national cuisine with international touches. Luxury experience, high quality ingredients and atmosphere are what characterise this spot. Each dish is unique and features only the freshest and seasonal ingredients with exceptional presentation. The quality extends to the Langosteria Cellar, a collection of the finest wine labels around Italy and 160 Champagne labels from Burgundy.

The signature dish, ‘Langosteria Plateau’, features a selection of fresh, raw seafood: oysters, red prawns, langoustines, scallops, venus clams, clams, amandes and bulots. It’s the perfect sharing dish that captures the true essence and nature of the sea.

Enrico Buonocore, CEO and founder of the Group Langosteria has announced a new opening, taking his project cross borders to the vibrant city of Paris. It shall be a partnership with Cheval Blanc, the new five star hotel of LVMH, set out to open in 2021. The restaurant will be located on the seventh floor and will feature a large, spacious interior with a splendid terrace, overlooking the Seine river.

This is the start of a new journey for the Langosteria Group, which is strategically expanding to spread its exceptional concept abroad. Hopefully Paris is simply the first stop of many.