Just opened: The St. Regis Venice

A hospitality landmark for sibarite guest on the Canal Grande

The first St. Regis, which opened in Manhattan in 1904, was the most innovative hotel at the time. It was famous for its luxury service and the gala dinners among cascades of flowers, chandeliers and elegant people. Modernity and social life, obviously in step with the times, have always distinguished the following 46 St. Regis (marriott.it) in the world, until the last inaugurated in Venice, on the Grand Canal, in front of the Salute chuch and the island of San Giorgio, that Claude Monet loved to paint at different times of the day, framed in his room window at the former Grand Hotel Britannia.

Style and decor are contemporay: design and high technology, art pieces that might be in a museum, parties with DJs and video mapping. Guests are names such as Almodóvar, Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, and everybody surely knows them.