Exhibit Leonardo, Caravaggio and other Italian Masters of painting wherever you like

A detail of The Musicians, painted by Caravaggio.
A detail of The Musicians, painted by Caravaggio.

The dispersion of the works of art by the same author in various museums, churches and private collections from different continents makes it almost impossible to set up monographic exhibitions that give a significant overview of the overall work of the great artists of the past.
“The Impossible Exhibitions” present, in a single exhibition space, the complete work of a painter in the form of very high definition reproductions using digital technologies that now allow one to obtain reproductions that are absolutely in line with the original works. The remarkable resolution of the details, the reproduction in scale 1:1 (the fresco of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo occupies a space of about 45 square meters!), the appropriate tonality of the print give these reproductions an extraordinary similarity with respect to the original works.
The philological correctness of the reproductions – printed on a transparent tissue, and backlit – is certified by eminent art historians, curators of the rich didactic multimedia content immediately available on visitors’ smartphones without having to connect to the internet or download apps.
With The Impossible Exhibitions, a very large audience was allowed to admire works of art that until now could only be seen on the spot or that – at most – could be seen in small format reproductions: catalogues, low-quality images on the web, posters.
The catalogue of The Impossible Exhibitions, available at www.mostreimpossibili.it includes:

“Leonardo”. The exhibition presents 21 paintings, some of the most famous drawings and the fresco of the Last Supper.
“Caravaggio”. The exhibition includes over 50 works, by Caravaggio, including ten large altarpieces in the churches of Rome, Malta, Naples, Messina and Syracuse.
“Masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance”. The exhibition presents 40 paintings and frescoes by Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Antonello da Messina, Botticelli, Leonardo, Raffaello, Tiziano, Giorgione, Caravaggio.

Since 2003, thirty exhibitions have been held, which have been visited by more than a million people. The academic authority acquired in recent years by the brand “Le Mostre impossibili”, the huge success of the public and the wide media resonance represent the main “value” of this project (more than 100,000 web pages that review it, adding up the translations into different languages).
Setting up an impossible exhibition is easy. The cost of the “rental” is in no way comparable to the cost of an exhibition with original works. In addition, there is no special transport, no expensive insurance, no custodians in every room, no rooms with constant temperature and humidity and no bollards because the paintings can be touched and photographed.

Le mostre impossibili