Eala: A New Wellness Escape Overlooking Lake Garda

Now that the New Year has approached, it’s only normal to be dreaming of the next travel destination, especially as travel was limited in 2020. And a wellness escape may just be what everybody is in need of. Fortunately, many beautiful spaces are due to open this New Year.

Eala is a luxury lakeside resort situated on the boarder of Lake Garda due to open in March 2021. The resort defines itself as a wellness escape dedicated to the discovery of one’s self and inner beauty – symbolically inspired by its name Eala, which in Celtic means Swan, an elegant animal, with an innate grace.

In fact, the five star resort hotel carries the theme of the Swan throughout the entire structure. All of its suites have been decorated to mirror the beauty, elegance and pureness of the bird. The rooms are embedded in a gigantic stone-like structure that mimics its natural surrounding and the views have been maximised by large glass windows overlooking the majestic Lake Garda.

To make the most out of your escape you can head over to the Eala Luxury Spa, a space that houses an indoor pool, and outdoor infinity pool and saunas dedicated entirely to helping you restore your peace and energy.

Health and wellbeing also go hand in hand with the culinary arts. Eala houses two restaurants under the direction of Chef Alfio Ghezzi, who carries multiple stars for his dedication and culinary mastery. Both Fine Dining Senso and Alfio Ghezzi Bistrot integrate cuisine and landscape, local culture and national culture in the menus.

To play their part in encouraging travel, Eala has brought out numerous gift cards and vouchers that expire one year after purchase for an opportunity to experience to the full this resort.