Champagne en Liberté in Portofino

An evening with Champagne Distributor Alberto Massucco

From Champagne to Portofino, Alberto Massucco produces and imports prestigious labels to Italy. 

Champagne is a common ground for everyone, and Alberto Massucco has used this to his (and our) advantage. He is the only Italian to own a vineyard in the Champagne region, and although he produces Champagne of his own (Alberto Massucco Grand Cru and the Blanc de Blancs, which will be ready in 2023), he has also selected and imported 4 prestigious labels of Champagne to only in the best, Michelin starred restaurants in Italy. 

For the second edition of Champagne en Liberté, we were whisked away to Portofino, in a setting that comes close to feeling like being in a fairytale. In Castello Brown, perched on a hill top, overlooking the bay of Portofino as the sun slowly set in the distance. We tasted some delicious champagne including one produced by Alberto Massucco as a collaboration with Matteo Baronetto, chef of the restaurant Del Cambio in Turin. It’s named Cuvée Privée Del Cambio, made fully with Chardonnay grapes. All paired with a magnificent culinary journey of canapés by that complimented the champagne beautifully. 

One label we found inspiring is Fa’Bulleuses, because it represents the union between 7 women champagne producers from 7 different Maisons in Champagne. They came together to create one label named Isos, that Alberto Massucco Champagne imports exclusively to Italy and, on 12th October all 7 women will be in Milan to share the story behind their joint label.