Casa Di Langa: the new landmark for exploring the Piedmont Region

Casa Di Langa, a new 5 star hotel set out to open its doors for the first time in Spring 2021. Featuring 39 rooms, this small hotel is situated in the heart of the Piedmont region, area that has been protected by Unesco as a World Heritage site for its world-renowned natural riches; from the raw beauty of the location to the wines, truffles and more.

The eco resort overlooks layers of vineyards and rolling hills, that create a peaceful backdrop for anyone looking for an idyllic, natural escape. However, not only is it surrounded by nature, but also it holds sustainability close to the heart and uses the power of nature in all aspects of the design, construction, and operation of the resort. Think 100% recycled water for irrigation, geothermal heating, zero single-use plastic, PV cells and solar panels.

It has combined the true meaning of the word sustainable with that of luxury, with every room featuring its private terrace, a relaxation room and a spa-like bathroom. Yet also ingrained in the hotel is the region’s tradition. The hotel proposes a list of authentic experiences that enable the guests to fully immerse themselves in the cultural landscapes of Piedmont such as art excursions, wine tasting, truffle tasting and cooking classes. In fact, its sustainable initiative is also reflected in the support for local businesses.

The restaurant, Fàula, directed by head chef Manuel Bouchard, uses local and traditional ingredients sourced from their own gardens or neighbouring producers to create an inspirational, culinary journey for its guests. The menu, designed by the Bouchard, features all the Piedmont classics with a slight innovative twist. Fàula, meaning ‘tale’ in dialect recalls the notion of family gatherings around the dinner table, something so close to Italian tradition and this idea of authentic, homily food is what the restaurant seeks to recreate.