An Easter Roundup in Italy

This year, easter is particularly different for many of us here in Italy (and in the rest of the world). This festivity has always been a time to celebrate with loved ones from big dinners to small gatherings, however now, small gatherings is all we have. In order to keep the festive energy on a high, we have decided to round up a few incredible initiatives from businesses around Italy that will add a special touch to your celebrations.

A delicate, Nature-Inspired Recipe

How does roast lamb with chamomile sound for an alternative and unique Easter dish? This recipe was inspired by Chef Enrico Crippa’s visit to a farm in the mountains, where a bunch or aromas from the milk to the mountain flowers got him thinking. This dish is an ode to pastoralism, a known activity in the Apennines that has a very important role that must be safeguarded.  The cut of lamb is the saddle which, once treated and roasted is combined with the sweet gel of chamomile. It is then placed on a bed of goats cheese and garnished with dry chamomile. These are all delicate yet evocative flavours that recall the pastures and create an exclusive substitute to the table.

Agnello Dogajolo, Chef Andrea Golino

The Flavours of the World Inspire Chef Andrea Golino

We all know that Tuscany is renowned for its rich and flavourful reds and whites, but what would Chef Andrea Golino propose to pair with these wines? Chef and patron of his restaurant Golinos, in Rome, suggests a winning recipe to prepare at home for your loved ones this easter. Andrea Golino is from Naples yet he has travelled around the world and therefore creates recipes that narrate his travels through the combination of exotic flavours. Hand in hand with the Tuscan Red: Dogajolo Toscano Rosso I.G.T. Carpineto the chef has suggested his recipe for Lamb Dogajolo; essentially lamb kebab with a dash of minty yoghurt sauce. A simple but remarkable dish to present at the table.

Andrea Golino, Agnello Dogajolo

Five Roman Eateries Collaborate to Create SANTA, Milan & Rome

SANTA – La Pasqua Romana lands in Rome and Milan this year. Available for both takeaway and delivery, the Easter Lunch combines exquisite courses and wines from five Roman eateries, bound together in synergy with the exceptional attention to detail paid to each course. These structures are: Roscioli Ristorante Salumeria, Retrobottega, Marzapane, Zia Restaurant e Rimessa Roscioli, each paired with their course. Kicking off the menu is Roscioli with a traditional easter starter: Homemade Corallina, Provolone Cheese and mini cheese pizza. Retrobottega’s Chef Giuseppe Lo Giudice and Alessandro Miocchi are in charge of the first course, presenting Tortelli filled with Bufalo with a Cacio and Ova sauce. Chef Francesco Capuzzo Dolcetta and Guglielmo Chiarapini from Marzapane suggest Grilled Lamb, Green Lemon, Yoghurt and Cardamom accompanied by a side of peas, artichokes, asparagus and fava beans. Zia Restaurant ends the menu on a sweet note with signature creamy Babà. The regional wine label has been selected by Rimessa Roscioli, tying together in a natural way each of the four courses. Of course, there’s no easter without a little surprise, but of course you will have to see for yourselves for that one.

Zia Restaurant

Easter with Il Marin, Genova

Il Marin is a gourmet restaurant of Eatly Genova, and it is situated along the coastline overlooking the Porto Antico. This year, the restaurant announced the release of 40 limited edition chocolate eggs each with a special surprise inside. Within these 40 eggs, there will be four kinds: Polpo (dark chocolate), Tonnarella (dark, milk and white chocolate), Ostrica (dark, milk and white chocolate) and Vele (dark and white chocolate). Inside each egg there will be a ticket with five tiers (green, blue, pearl, silver and gold) for a chance to win a prize. Green ticket holders will win a tasting of Chef Marco Visciola’s iconic dishes whilst the golden ticket holder (and there is only one golden ticket) will win lunch or dinner at the restaurant. Each egg costs €45; so, who’s feeling lucky?

Brunch at home with The Four Seasons in Florence

If we can’t go out to celebrate easter, we can certainly bring easter home and The Four Seasons has made things exceptionally easy for us. Chef Vito Mollica and his team will cook up an easter themed brunch for you to simply lay out on your dining table. This option will run between Saturday 3rd and Monday 5th April and will cost €75 per person (minimum order for two) – available to pick up from the hotel or delivery (extra cost). The menu is a rich selection of Italian delicacies such as fresh amberjack tartar and special Chianina beef as the starters, Cautarogni with musky octopus ragú, lasagna, roasted lamb, spring chicken and sides of asparagus parmigiana and potato gratin. To balance out this delicious savoury main meal, there will be six different deserts among which you will find the traditional Neapolitan easter dish: Pastiera Napoletana, Macarons, Mini Easter Eggs and more. Options to add extras such as Oscietra Caviar 10g or Champagne Krug “Grande Cuvèe” 168eme Edition. Because after all, Easter is about the three F’s: Faith, Family and Food… (oh and the Four Seasons?)

Tinazzi Winery

If you fancy getting creative this Easter, and we understand… these days we have a lot of time on our hands, then Tinazzi Winery has put together five delicious recipes to pair with its whites and reds. Tinazzi is a winery that produces in Veneto and Puglia and therefore each recipe looks at bringing the exquisite flavours of these regions to your kitchen. For example, Tinazzi proposes the Apuglian specialty: Frise with tomatoes, anchovies and chilis to kick off the meal. Frise are a hard, bread like product shaped like a Tarallo, but split in two. You add them to cold water to soften them up and top them with what you desire. This is paired with Tinazzi’s San Giorgio Negroamaro Rosato Salento Igp Kleio 2020 for a fresh starter. The menu proceeds with sushi, Orecchiette alle cime di Rapa and slowly moves up north with the cheese platter to end with vegan black bean brownies. If you’re ready to spark your creativity head over to the Tinazzi website for the recipes and, of course, the wine.

Tinazzi Winery

Hotel Eden’s Takeaway in Rome

Hotel Eden is a five star luxury hotel situated in Rome, and part of the Dorchester Collection. This Easter, Chef Fabio Ciervo alongside the team at Il Giardino restaurant have curated a special menu both for guests staying at the hotel and for those wishing to take away or order delivery via Cosaporto. The selection features light, flavoursome dishes that embrace the start of spring. The starter is Mackerel Escabèche followed by Broad Bean and Pecorino Ravioli with crispy guanciale and a choice of either Sea Bream with caramelised artichoke or Confit lamb with potato millefeuille. As for desert? The Chef suggests Caramel, Bergamot and Mango. This set-menu must be booked before 3rd April and has a cost of 110€ per person.

Hotel Eden Roma Easter Dessert

Easter Made Sweeter with Marchesi 1824

Marchesi 1824 is a symbol of excellence, renowned for its pastries, chocolate, and Panettone production. Like every Easter, this Pasticceria created an exquisite collection dedicated to Easter 2021. The way we would describe them? Edible works of art, almost too beautiful to tuck into. This year, the fine Easter egg collection features white, milk and dark chocolate eggs, embellished with hand-made decorations that enclose a little surprise within. Steering away from the chocolate, the symbol of the traditional Italian Easter is La Colomba, which at Marchesi 1824 is renowned for it’s taste and hand-made design. Both the eggs and the Colomba is available in Milan, at the Pasticceria Marchesi and in the London Mayfair shop.

Pasticceria Marchesi

Ristorante Berton, Milan

Michelin Starred Chef Andrea Berton has created especially for this occasion a tasting menu that can be delivered (sustainably) to your front doorstep if you live in Milan. The menu features mostly seafood options: lemon salsa scallops to start, followed by a special potato ravioli with ricotta and roasted spinach paired with fish soup. Cod with cauliflower cous cous, roasted goat and to finish on a sweet note: mango and yoghurt. Each order must be made prior to the 2nd April and it has a cost of 140 € per person, with the option to add wines, lobster or caviar.

A Michelin Starred Recipe, Firenze

Michelin Starred Chef Rocco De Santis from the Brunelleschi Hotel in Florence invites you to recreate his signature dish at home to celebrate easter. This recipe evokes the warmth from his home region: Campania, awakening the palette to delicious, earthly flavours. This signature dish is a typical easter dish which the Chef usually proposes all year round at the Ristorante Santa Elisabetta (2 Michelin Stars) and it’s Roasted Lamb, Mugello Goat’s Cheese and caramelised Spring Onion and Lovage.

Agnello Arrosto Chef Rocco De Santis

Roasted Apricot Colomba by Daniele Canzian

This year, Daniele Canzian, in collaboration with Albertengo, has devised a unique, fresh take on the Colomba Pasquale. made up of roasted apricots and almonds. This sweet easter desert has a cost of €30 and is available to order via the Emporio Daniele Canzian website for pick up or delivery.

Chef Davide Canzian