An art trail, barbecue and wine in Chianti

Panzano Arte presents the first edition of an artistic promenade in Tuscany with internationally celebrated French sculptor Nathalie Decoster in the home town of butcher-poet Dario Cecchini

Nathalie Decoster Installation at Panzano Arte, Tuscany
Nathalie Decoster Installation at Panzano Arte, Tuscany.

Until the 18th of September 2019, Panzano Arte hosts more than 30 monumental artwork by the French sculptor Nathalie Decoster, connected through an artistic promenade across the village and four iconic vineyards in the heart of the Chianti region. The trail reflects the longstanding symbiosis between nature and art in Tuscany.

The event curated by Mila Sturm is taking place in Panzano, the hometown of Dario Cecchini, an internationally celebrated butcher and chef, famous for grilling the best Tuscan meats while declaiming irriverent Dante’s and Boccaccio’s poems.

Panzano Arte is Dario Cecchini’s life-long dream. He is also the event’s ambassador, and subject of a recent episode of Netflix’s cult culinary documentary series “Chef’s Table”.

Dario Cecchini, butcher poet in Panzano, Chianti.
Dario Cecchini, butcher poet in Panzano, Chianti.

Dario Cecchini was born in Panzano in Chianti (Tuscany) in 1955. The Cecchinis have been butchers from father to son for 8 generations and have a deeply humanist approach to the butcher’s trade, which they have raised to an art form. Describing himself as a “butcher-poet”, Dario tirelessly defends the values of craftsmanship and quality.

The family butcher shop plays a central role in the life of Panzano. It has also become a must-see destination for visitors to the region. Dario has 3 restaurants – the Officina della Bistecca, Solociccia and Dario Doc – where meat is of course the star of the show. In these restaurants he defends the philosophy that is so important to him, one which involves respecting animals and life itself.

In the summer, his restaurants serve 300 meals a day, which is a lot when you consider that Panzano only counts 1,000 inhabitants.

Thanks to his unique artistic and philosophical approach, Dario has become an international meat and cuisine superstar, making him an obvious ambassador for both Panzano and Tuscany.

Contemporarily to Decoster’s open air exhibition, Panzano will host the Organic Wine Festival from 12th to 15th September to offer wine lovers the opportunity to combine oenological and artistic discoveries. The village of Panzano has focused on preserving its cultural appeal and the beauty of its landscape, becoming a privileged place of international tourism.

The Tuscan village of Panzano in Chianti is nestled in the hills between Florence and Siena. It is surrounded by vines and cypress that stretch as far as the eye can see and Panzano is famous all over the world for its vineyards that boast exceptional soils and climate.

Dario Cecchini