La Queen Mary è tutta nuova

Il famoso translatlantico riparte dopo un restyling completo nei cantieri Blohm and Voss

Il famoso translatlantico riparte dopo un restyling completo nei cantieri Blohm and Voss


The iconic Queen Mary 2 resumed trans-Atlantic service on Tuesday following a massive, 23-day makeover at the Blohm and Voss shipyard in Germany.

Billed as a “remastering,” the overhaul was the famed Cunard ocean liner’s most extensive refurbishment to date, utilizing some 300 40-foot containers’ worth of fittings, 6,500 pieces of new furniture, 4,000 new works of art, and including Blohm and Voss employees, the ship’s own crew and outside contractors, the round-the-clock efforts of over 5,200 workers.


After 12 years of summer crossings and long winter voyages chalking up 1.78 million miles, the Queen Mary 2 was primed for a stem-to-stern tune up. In addition to having its propulsion machinery overhauled and just about every inch of hull and superstructure blasted and recoated with some 2,721 gallons of marine grade paint, the 1,132-by-131 foot liner got 50 new cabins while numerous public areas were modified or completely rebuilt.