Triangle of Italian Beauty

Triangle of Italian Beauties
Hugo Pizzinini, Claudia Schwarze and Markus Odermatt were sitting at the same table at a well-known Travel Summit in Florence. What do they have in common? They are respectively the owners and General Managers of three luxury hotels: Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano up in the Dolomites, Aman Resort facing the Grand Canal in Venice and Villa Feltrinelli on the shores of Lake Garda. They are at about a couple of hours from each other. The three managers had the idea to combine the three lifestyle hotels serendipitously located in wonderful sceneries in order to create an itinerary of monumental, cultural and naturalistic value. «It is a synthesis of the best that is found in Northern Italy: the Sea, the Mountains and the Lake, all close enough and well connected», says Markus Odermatt. Mrs. Schwarze continues: «It is a natural link. If you think about it, we have a single airport, Marco Polo of Venice, which serves the three destinations, all different from each other and still complementary, to give an idea of the Italian Dolce Vita: you wake up early beneath the frescoes of a Venetian historical palace. At 10.30 a.m. you are with your skis on feet and end the day with a 3-Michelin Star dinner. The day after you end your trip in the former villa of Feltrinelli, one of the most famous Italian publishers, basking in the sun on a vintage speedboat» .

There is also one more advantage: those who run a hotel know the territory in which it is located, and they are certainly precious insiders. Who better than them know little secrets, good addresses, and scenic roads in the neighborhood? «Obviously we want to enhance what is interesting for a tourist», says Hugo Pizzinini, who has long been a supporter of these virtuous partnerships that put Italy on stage rather than a single hotel. «Through these kinds of partnerships, we give substantial help to travel consultants, offering them packages “ready for sale”. They already know each of us individually, and know that it is in our interest to offer only quality experiences».