Pop up suite sulla spiaggia

Un casotto del bagnino sulla spiaggia di Tel Aviv diventa suite pop up per i vincitori di un concorso Instagram (15-25 marzo)

Un casotto del bagnino sulla spiaggia di Tel Aviv diventa suite di lusso per i vincitori di un concorso Instagram

Lifeguard tower 1-2Tel Aviv, February 20, 2017 – The City of Tel Aviv, the Israel Tourism Ministry and the “Brown Hotels” Urban Collection, are launching the first project of its kind in the world. A lifeguard tower on Tel Aviv Beach (“Frishman”) will be transformed into a luxurious hotel suite, in which the guests will be winners of an international competition to be launched in partnership with

Il piano terra prima dell'allestimento
Il piano terra prima dell’allestimento

This unique accommodation will be provided to the competition winners (one couple from each country) who will be flown to Israel for a four-day vacation in Tel Aviv, during the period March 15-25. Their first night will be spent inside the lifeguard tower at Frishman Beach, which will be renovated to meet the criteria of a five-star hotel. Guests will enjoy all the usual amenities, including a personal butler, pampering shower, breakfast, and even room service.

Simulazione del piano terra
Simulazione del piano terra

This joint initiative of the Israel Tourism Ministry, the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo and Global Tel Aviv will showcase Israel as a leading tourist destination in the winter and shoulder seasons.

Upper floor simulation-2The marketing campaign will be implemented by the Tourism Ministry as part of the ongoing Two Cities One Break campaign, promoting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in countries that have been defined as potential targets for increasing tourism.

????? ???? ??????How to take part in the competition?

Participants in the international competition in partnership with are invited to upload a photo of themselves to Instagram, against the background.

Of their city, wearing the beach gear (bathing suits, flip flops, etc.) that they would take with them to Tel Aviv. In addition, they must be photographed with a sign bearing the hash tag “#TAKEME2TELAVIV”. The participants must register on the competition website The most creative and viral submissions will be selected by the project committee.

Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin: “Over the last two years, the Ministry of Tourism has revolutionized its marketing approach and now we are breaking into new niche markets and developing fresh, creative marketing campaigns, especially in social media. As part of our Two Cities One Break campaign, this project aims to encourage incoming tourism to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Each city has its own unique attributes, and in Tel Aviv, we are focusing on the nonstop nightlife, the growing culinary scene, and its famous beaches. We are in the midst of an increase in incoming tourism, and we closed out 2016 with a 4% rise in tourism”.

Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Ron Huldai: “The transformation of a lifeguard tower into a luxury hotel for tourists is a perfect example of the innovation that drives Tel Aviv-Yafo’s success – in tech, in tourism, and in lifestyle. This unique project takes advantage of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s world-renowned beaches in an exciting and creative way, giving us an additional tool in our daily efforts to promote the city as a top international tourist destination”.

The Lifeguard Tower’s Design:

Interior & Exterior: Aline Langlieb

Graffiti Artist: Edgar Rafael